United Friends School (UFS), established in 1983, is an independent private Quaker co-educational school located in Quakertown, PA that serves students in preschool through eighth grade. As a Quaker school, guided by the testimonies of Simplicity, Peace & Social Justice, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Care for the Earth its mission informs the curriculum planning, decision-making, and commitment to the community. Our family-centered, close-knit school community honors and welcomes students of all cultural, religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. The exploration of our diverse community is central to a UFS education.

What is a Friends School?

Friends schools provide an education built on the beliefs and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends, known as Quakers. Consistent with Quaker values, United Friends School seeks to emphasize the Light of God within each individual. We foster the practices and principles of Quakerism as an experiential part of school life, focusing on the testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Stewardship, and Equality. We accomplish this through participation in weekly Meeting for Worship; while studying the history and principles of Quakerism; participating in service and outreach projects; practicing non-violent conflict resolution techniques, and making decisions through unity.

Why Should I Choose a Quaker School, like United Friends School?

UFS works with students, differentiating instruction based on age, interest, and ability. Learning is centered on the interests of the students. Peer teaching and mixed-age groupings allow students to find their inner strengths in a small classroom environment where teachers can support the needs of the individual learner.

The classroom offers a project-based curriculum where students gain knowledge from hands-on exploration, investigating solutions to authentic, engaging, and complex topics. UFS takes it a step further to deepen knowledge through one on one, and classroom discussion while sharing methods and strategies with their fellow peers. UFS provides a safe, caring environment where students can be themselves while learning to be culturally responsive.

As a Quaker school, educators use dialogue, reflection, and inquiry to develop meaningful connections to learning in the classroom. The classroom environment prioritizes small class sizes where individual attention is supreme to focus on each student’s individual needs and interests.

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