Progressive Education

United Friends School is committed to providing a progressive education. While publicly mandated standards and curricula focus on building the necessary knowledge to move through grade levels, our belief is that education should be focused on meeting children’s needs. In designing a curriculum, we take cues based on the interest of students and provide a challenging environment organized around problems, projects and questions. Students learn with and from one another in a caring collaborative environment. Our students are invited to think deeply about issues that matter. As educators, we are focused on helping children to become not only good learners but also Upstanders in the community. We offer the opportunity to not only learn about, but put into practice a commitment to diversity and improve the lives of others through social justice.

What is a Quaker School?

Consistent with Quaker values, United Friends School seeks to emphasize the Light of God within each individual. We foster the practices and principles of Quakerism as an experiential part of school life, focusing on the testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Stewardship, and Equality. We accomplish this through participation in weekly Meeting for Worship; weekly Meeting for Announcements; studying the history and principles of Quakerism; participating in service and outreach projects; practicing non-violent conflict resolution techniques, and making decisions through unity.

Quaker Links and Resources

UFS is in a care relationship with Unami, Richland, Gwynedd and Doylestown Monthly Meetings.