What do we do in Quaker schools?

  • Learn through inquiry, reflection and action in daily life.
  • Search for truth, valuing the challenge of competing ideas.
  • Resolve conflicts through respecting and listening to each other.
  • Value and embrace the diversity of cultures and religion in our communities.
  • Work for the good of society through active service-learning.
  • Act courageously in alignment with core moral beliefs.

Two basic beliefs influence Friends Education:

  1. Each human being has a Divine spark or “Light” through which a greater spiritual wisdom can be experientially accessed.
  2. Truth-seeking is a process of continuing revelation from multiple perspectives within a gathered community.

Quakerism at UFS

Consistent with Quaker values, United Friends School seeks to emphasize the Light of God within each individual. We foster the practices and principles of Quakerism as an experiential part of school life, focusing on the testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Stewardship, and Equality. We accomplish this through participating in weekly Meeting for Worship; weekly Meeting for Worship for Announcements; studying the history and principles of Quakerism; participating in service and outreach projects; practicing non-violent conflict resolution techniques; and making decisions through unity.

UFS is in a care relationship with Unami, Richland, Gwynedd and Doylestown Monthly Meetings.

Meeting for Worship

Although there are many ways in which United Friends School’s Quaker identity is visible, Meeting for Worship is at the center. Our weekly Meeting for Worship is held every Wednesday afternoon. Due to the wide range of age and diversity in religious and spiritual practices, we begin each meeting with a query presented by a faculty or staff member. Typically, a query is presented after a story is told, a book or poem is read, or some thought or learning is shared. Children respond in all sorts of ways when they are led to speak, sometimes with profound messages. Meeting ends with singing. All parents and caregivers are welcome to join us at Meeting for Worship.

Meeting for Announcements

Monday morning’s Meeting for Announcements in the Big Room gives students and faculty time to meet, share news, and have a brief period of silent worship to get the week off to a good start. This is a warm community time in which children and faculty feel comfortable to share their joys, accomplishments, fears, and upcoming events. Children and adults also raise community issues like fairness and kindness during these Meetings.

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