The Preschool classroom (Mott) follows an emergent, project-based curriculum. Learning is centered on the interests of the students and is revealed through play and conversation. The experiences within the Mott classroom are play-based and child-centered with an emphasis on social and emotional growth and development. Seasonal nature studies guide interactive and exploratory learning with an ever-changing nature table, themed storytimes, gardening, and abundant play in the mud kitchen and outdoor classroom. Quaker testimonies are woven into responsive classroom experiences and targeted with a winter exploration into Light.

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Full-Day program

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8:15am – 1pm | 3 – 5 days per week
8:15am – 3pm | 3 – 5 days per week

Hands-on Learning

Hands-on activities are thoughtfully planned and incorporate developmentally appropriate methods of investigation. Through cooking, music, art, math, social studies, science, literacy and writing activities, children make meaningful connections to their growing and changing world. Field trips and “expert visits” are utilized to further enhance learning experiences and give students an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge. Our projects vary from year-to-year. Some of our favorites include an Ice Cream Exploration and a Worm Inquiry.

Investigative Learning

The Mott class’s exploratory time is focused on math and literacy play. Self-directed and guided play includes counting and number recognition, measuring and comparing quantities, and using blocks and other manipulatives to explore space, structure, and geometric concepts. The Mott class works through letter recognition and phonemic awareness using stories, rhyming, songs, emergent writing activities, journaling, and pre-skill building with the Learning Without Tears curriculum. Concepts of print and the joy of literature are highlighted throughout the year through storytelling and book investigations. Process-focused (rather than product-driven) art activities offer children the opportunity to create unique, meaningful work using a variety of materials and techniques. Examples include: painting with unexpected objects, dying fabrics with plants and natural colors, and creating sculpture and collage with a variety of media.