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Kudos to Kathy! 2014 Advocate of the Perkiomen Watershed.

Congratulations to our very own Kathy Leber as she is being honored with a citation from both the State Senate and House of Representatives for her many years of work with students, preserving wildlife in the Perkiomen Creek Watershed. Kathy is being recognized for her concern for and initiative in preservation while educating others. Over the past thirteen years, she has worked alongside the students of UFS to protect local amphibian populations by organizing and marshaling resources to facilitate amphibian migrations and helping members of the community understand the issue. Kathy’s commitment to improving the health of the watershed while encouraging students, parents and the wider community to appreciate the balance of nature and make connections with the natural world is call for recognition. As stated in the citation from the Senate of the Commonwealth of PA, “Any definition of full and productive life must include service to others. Through her indomitable dedication to environmental stewardship, Ms. Leber clearly reflects the true spirit and mission of this Commonwealth.”

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