By September 17, 2014UFS News

Fujita & Miura Public Relations (FMPR) has announced that Jenna Mazda of Pennsylvania is one of the 2014 FMPR scholars.

Jenna Mazda is a Pennsylvania State University and West Chester University graduate with a post-baccalaureate certification in elementary education.

“It is through daily reflection of my own practices that I have come to the conclusion that graduate school is the next step to furthering my knowledge in the educational field and practices. Not only will it allow me to reach my immediate goal of increasing my knowledge on best educational practices, but my long-term goals as well, allowing me to better serve the community of learners,” says Mazda.

“We are very proud and humbled to have the opportunity to present this award to such ambitious scholars,” says Jenny Fujita, partner with FMPR. “We have the upmost confidence that Grace and Jenna will continue to positively impact and improve their community as they proceed on their future endeavors.”

To read the original announcement and more about Fujita & Miura Public Relations, click here.

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