Heidi, currently a Sophomore at Swarthmore College, received a grant to help fund a return trip to Guatemala this summer where she will serve as an intern for Tree 4 Hope for one month. She will be developing an ESL program, which Heidi will teach to the children at Hogar. Heidi will serve as a trip leader and interpreter for the incoming group of volunteers in July who will be serving in Hogar for one week.

Earlier in the year, Heidi and her mother went on a service trip to Guatemala with a non-profit group called Tree 4 Hope. They spent 2 days volunteering at an Elder Center where Heidi translated medical instructions for the sick, and interpreted for one of the women as she told the story of losing her family in the violence of the Guatemalan Civil War. Heidi spent a week working at Hogar Miguel Magone, a home for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children in Aguacate. With financial help from fundraising and private donations, Heidi and her mother helped vaccinate all of the children and staff for influenza, performed physical examinations, and provided new shoes and school supplies for every child, ranging from 2 to 16 years old. Heidi served as an interpreter between the Spanish-speaking children and the American volunteers, guiding group activities, while Susan led the construction of a new tree house. Each decided to sponsor a child from the orphanage and become their godmother.

Just one of our many outstanding graduates!

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