7th Grader Inspired to Help Typhoon Victims

After the devastating typhoon in the Philippines, I received a message from our 7th grader, Ian, who was so moved by the event, that he wanted to create a campaign to raise money for a Shelter Box for victims.  What follows is his letter to all of you, asking if you will join him in this undertaking…….. Ian has placed a donation box in the front lobby and will be collecting until he reaches his goal of $1,000.  Checks can be made payable to ShelterBoxusa.
Nancy Donnelly, Head of School

Dear Families,

It all started out when I first heard about the typhoon in the Philippines. I do not watch the news, so I didn’t know about this until I was informed by my father telling me that there had been a storm surge in the Philippines. I had no idea that this had occurred;I was shocked by what I was hearing. Hearing this for the first time boggled my mind a little bit, because I thought that I would have known about this sort of disaster sooner. I really had no idea how bad this was until I saw these pictures of people living under either rubbish and debris, or living under nothing but the unpredictable weather.

It made me feel anger and sadness for the thousands that had died. It filled me with thoughts of how selfish it would be of me if I just sat back and relaxed knowing that hundreds more could die if I don’t try and help these people. I wouldn’t stand for that. So here I am, trying to make a difference by influencing people that donating just ten dollars would make a huge difference for the people in the Philippines.

When hurricane Sandy rolled by knocking out tons of people’s electricity, my house was shut out for six days. I was cold, I was worrying about the food in the fridge spoiling. I couldn’t take a shower, we couldn’t use the stove. We had to pour buckets of water in the toilet to conserve our water supply. But for the people in the Philippines, it’s a whole different story. They don’t have food, they don’t have showers, they don’t have a toilet. I didn’t suffer half of what they are.

I wanted to do something about this. I wanted to donate as much money as I could. But unfortunately, I only had about ten dollars. That wasn’t going to cut it. I figured that if everyone in the school could donate at least ten dollars, that we could make over one-thousand dollars. Me and my family already donated forty dollars all together. If you could help me raise one-thousand dollars to buy a shelter box, that could help a family of ten survive.


United Friends School Student

ShelterBox delivers a large family tent that can withstand harsh temperatures and winds.  The organization also provides water purification, a stove, pots and pans, tools, blankets and even a children’s pack.  To see what goes in a box, click here.

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