It’s Secret Pals Time!

By February 5, 2013Events, Friday Letters

At United Friends School, we have a special tradition called Secret Pals to celebrate friendships and Valentine’s Day.  Secret Pals gives everyone the opportunity to develop a special bond with another child or faculty member.  On Thursday, Feb. 7 each student and faculty member will draw the name of their Secret Pal.

For three days (Feb. 11, 12, and 13), we will pay special attention to our Secret Pal by doing good deeds and sending secret friendship messages. Classroom boxes will be available in the lobby for placement of these secret messages.  On the 4th day (Feb.14), we will have a special celebration when we reveal our identity to our Secret Pal by giving them a handmade craft or homemade treat.

Remember that all messages and special gifts should be hand/homemade.  In the past, children have made special hats, boxes, mobiles, and yummy things to eat.  Please, no food on February 11, 12 & 13.

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