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Dear UFS Parents and Guardians,

Parents of independent schools often wonder, “Why do I need to donate to the school’s annual appeal when I pay tuition?”  Tuition covers about 70% of what it costs to educate each UFS student.  That means that 30% of the cost of each child’s tuition is underwritten by the annual fund.

What do gifts to the annual fund cover? Everything needed to operate our school including:

  • Our music and art programs and the expertise of our music and arts faculty
  • Library acquisitions and faculty
  • Quality classroom equipment and state-of-the-art supplies and technology, from iPads to MacBook Pros, books, microscopes, library computers, whiteboards, and more
  • Special projects and field trips that enable our children to experience hands-on learning
  • Our amazing playground, from which it’s often difficult to extricate our children at the end of the day
  • The upkeep of our school and grounds, and maintaining a safe and clean environment
  • Salaries and continuing education for our exceptional faculty
  • Scholarships, without which our school would have to exclude many capable students who contribute so much to UFS
  • And much more

Every gift to our annual fund helps us continue to provide stellar academics with a soul. Whether you give a few dollars or a few thousand dollars, what really matters is that you give and for this reason, our parent giving goal is 100% participation in the annual fund. Why? Because when grantors and other major funders outside our school, whom we’ve asked to support our programs and activities, know that our parents support our school’s annual fund completely, they can rest assured that their investment is a good one.

Giving is easy. Simply go online here to give securely. Or, send a check or cash donation to the school.  Giving envelopes are available at the front desk.

Your annual fund donations, along with those of our Trustees, faculty, alumni and friends keep our school strong.  Join us and let’s say together, “I support UFS 100%!

In peace and with great thanks,

Ed Doyle, Jodi Stewart-Moore, Jeff Moore, Kelly Daley, and Jane Cramer
UFS Parents, Advancement Committee Members

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