Halloween is Upon Us

By October 22, 2012Friday Letters

Dear Parents,
Halloween will soon be upon us and with it, the very important decision that your children will have to make about what they will be for Halloween. I know that for some families, the children have been thinking about it for months and have already made their costumes. For many of you, you may be in the design phase and some will scramble to put something together the weekend before.  As you negotiate the purchase and/or design of your child’s costume, I would ask that you have the conversation with your child that not only begins with the question, “What do you want to be?’ but asks the question, “What will your costume say?” With older children you might begin to talk about stereotypes and what kinds of stereotypes certain costumes promote about boys and girls, about people of color, about people of other cultures and religions, and about people of different ages.

Halloween is a joyful celebration at UFS with a mini-dance party and activities throughout the grades.  It is an opportunity for all of us to be playful in dressing up, coming to school in character, and taking on another persona for just a little while.

Please consider the costumes that your children will be wearing with grace and good will. Please do not send them with any pretend weapons.

Enjoy the fall weekend ahead and thank you for all of your support!

Nancy Donnelly
Head of School


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