Dear Friends,

My Friday note today is simple…….Thank you. Thank you, for volunteering to drive on Field Trips; for sending food for parties, soup kitchens, the food pantry, and treats for birthdays; for volunteering at special events, for coming to Back to School Night, for donating to the Annual Fund; for being tour guides on open houses; for turning your papers in on time; for attending Fall Fest, the 5K, the Spring Benefit, curriculum night, Quakerism night, music recitals, Alice in Wonderland, and more; for coming to two work days every year; for coming to more than two workdays; for serving on Property, Safety, Education, Parents Admissions Network, Finance, Garden, Advancement, Hospitality, Technology, 5K, Fall Fest, and Spring Benefit Committees; for serving on the Board of Trustees; for supporting the Middle School in their Costa Rica fundraising efforts; for volunteering in the classrooms and in the library; for participating in the after school sports programs; for helping Interest Groups; for being guest teachers and artists in the classrooms; for your participation in Martin Luther King Day activities; for coming to parent teacher conferences; for giving your feedback when we ask and even when we don’t; and for helping to market the school by telling your friends about us.

Most of all, thank you for sending your children to United Friends School, because they are THE reason for us to be. You have all been so generous and kind throughout the year. Please accept my gratitude.

I hope to see you at the three final events of the school year:

Workday tomorrow……it’s the big cleanup.

Retirement Party for Mrs. Clemens on Sunday at Quakertown Memorial Park, 3-6 p.m.

Meeting for Worship for Graduation, Wednesday, June 13th at 9 a.m. at Richland Meeting

With gratitude,

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