The hand, the heart, the eye,
The tools for each to learn and teach…

Our Mission

Rooted in the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace and Social Justice, Integrity, Community, Equality and Care for the Earth, United Friends School educates students to meet the rest of their lives with courage and conviction by engaging them in critical inquiry, solution-seeking, and participation in social action. United Friends School nurtures the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth of students and guides them to see the Light in themselves and in others.

Our Philosophy

Quaker focus on the spirit of God in each person is the foundation upon which we build a school community.  Our community of students, staff, parents, grandparents and trustees provides a special opportunity for all to learn, to teach, to serve and to accept others.  Subjects are integrated throughout a developmentally appropriate curriculum to allow students to make connections among learning experiences.